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Be part of something special! The inaugural interhall dodgeball comp, This Saturday 10th August. Here is the draw 🙂

G1 12:00 Johns v Griffin

G2 12:20 Burgmann v Fenner

G3 12:40 Unilodge v Bruce

G4 1:00 Ursies v B&G

G5 1:20 LG1 v LG2

G6 1:40 LG3 v LG4

SF1 2:00 WG1 v WG2

SF2 2:20 WG3 v WG4

7/8th 6:00 LG5 v LG6

5/6th 6:20 WG5 v WG6

Bronze 6:40 LSF1 v LSF2

Gold 7:00 WSF1 v WSF2