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Bruce 20-22 Griffin
Fenner 12-17 Uni Lodge
B&G 20-16 Ursies
Curtain Raiser: Johns 10-7 Burgmann
GRAND FINAL – Johns 30-8 Burgmann: The tension in the air could be felt in the pre-game as a nervous energy was evident for both sides. Whether the Burgmann side were out-psyched or out-skilled is unknown, however Johns started absolutely on fire. Phoebe Foldi looked like she couldn’t miss a shot while her teammates constructed play freely across the court. Loren Willis marshalled the play from defence and Johns quickly pulled out to a massive lead. By halftime, they held an advantage of over ten points. Although supporters of Burgmann hoped for a comeback, it never looked likely despite the play of Britta Van Tiel. The scoring fest continued and it seemed like Johns could not put a foot wrong. All of their usual outstanding players got going on the day, and the better team managed the victory to be crowned champions.
Final Results:
1. Johns
2. Burgmann
3. Griffin
4. Bruce
5. B&G
6. Ursies
7. Uni Lodge
8. Fenner